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Lead Creative - Derek Patterson

The creation of narrative fiction on screen was always captivating to me. Showcasing another world in four contained walls, taking audiences to places they've emotionally and physically never seen before. It was as I took my mind and spirit to George Mason University that I learned and expanded my creative process on a deeper level, learning film theory along with on-set experience. I look forward to continuing to tell unique, exciting stories while capturing moments of time through a unique lens.

Producer/Social Manager- Julia Adonay

Born and raised in the beautiful island of Guam, I hold great pride and joy bringing my enthusiasm and passion into the video production industry. From breathtaking visuals to charming stories, films have captivated me from a young age. I've formed beautiful relationships and received countless opportunities thanks to my work both on and off set. In every goal I pursue, I seek to perform, provide, and progress, so I look forward to meeting and working together to make your vision a reality!

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